The Sewing Lady

A small seamstress based out of Greenwood, Indiana. The Sewing Lady specializes in formal wedding and event attire. I was hired to design and develop the companies website to provide customers an informational source as well as solidify sales.


The Overview

The target demographic were brides between the ages of 20 - 30. The company wanted to focus on millennials and while still appealing to a larger audience.


Elegance as Type

Text styles were chosen to provide a sense of elegance while still maintaining strong legibility and professionalism.


Soft Tones

Since the target was largely brides I felt that soft inviting colors where a must. The turquoise, though soft was overpowering in large amounts so I opted to use it as an accent color and primary keeping the feel of the site very clean and overall white.


Well Placed Elements

A simple and clean design was created to provide visitors with an easy and expected UI and experience.


Completed Design

Due to the website, the company immediately noticed a drop in calls regarding general information as well as increased foot traffic and appointments.

Need a performing website?

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Designed & Built using Figma & Webflow