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Clutch: Rusty Mikesell Earns Stellar Client Feedback

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With millions of websites and platforms out there, design significantly helps separate the best from the mundane. Let’s admit it, we get frustrated when websites don’t respond immediately or are not user-friendly. Great websites are geared towards helping users navigate flawlessly and look sophisticated at the same time.

Hello! I’m Rusty Mikesell Design, a tried and tested web design consultant from Indianapolis, Indiana. Through the years, I’ve acquired extensive and priceless experience in creating and designing websites that don’t only look good but also perform greatly.

My design philosophy is quite simple yet meaningful — purpose needs to meet quality and strategy. This is what helps me earn the trust of my beloved clients. To help prove that, I’m genuinely stoked to announce that I’m finally getting started on Clutch, and some of my clients already helped me by providing their incredible reviews.

What’s Clutch?

To help you get up to speed, Clutch is a Washington DC-based B2B review and rating platform dedicated to helping browsers navigate through the tech, marketing, and business services markets. The website sees millions of browsers, ranging from potential corporate clients to service providers, and is widely considered as one of the most trusted resources in the B2B space.

Three of my recent clients provided reviews for my web development and web update services, and I'm about to share one of those reviews with you.

Websites are Game-Changers

Luke Wood, the owner of Humphrey’s Dog Resort, recently wrote an online review for my ongoing web development project for their business. We started working together back in July 2021, and so far, the partnership has been going great.

This project is a reflection of how important websites are in the current digital marketing landscape. The client enlisted my services because they wanted to establish strong digital credibility with the younger market.

I’m honored by the fantastic ratings our client provided for all metrics — scheduling, quality, costs, willingness to refer, and their overall satisfaction.

With that being said, I want to send my sincerest thanks to Humphrey’s Dog Resort, and to my other clients, for helping me get started on Clutch. If you’re curious about the full scope of the review, you may check out my Clutch profile; there, you can also view my other reviews and services.

My design services were also highlighted on Top Design Firms’, a new B2B website, top web designer lists. Hitting the mark on what my clients want has always been my goal. It’s a pleasure for me to be highly regarded by industry experts and appreciated by my clients.

Find out more about what I can do for you! View my work or drop a line to schedule a free discovery call. I’m extremely excited to welcome you aboard!

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